Zip Code Vaccination Data

Vaccination Rates by Zip Code
Methodological Notes


  • As of June 24, 2022, this dashboard will be updated weekly on Fridays to align with CDC’s data refresh schedule.
  • This report is created by the New York State Department of Health from data reported to the New York State Immunization Information System (NYSIIS) and the New York City Citywide Immunization Registry (NYC CIR). This includes limited data on vaccines administered through Federal entities (Veterans Health Administration) or performed outside of New York State to New York residents, and will not be reflective of every dose administered to New York State residents in those settings.
  • Some zip codes may show a lower-than-actual reported percentage of administrations, due to those zip code populations being predominantly colleges or universities, prisons or federal entities such as military installations, that are not fully represented in State data. And some zip codes may show a higher-than-expected reported percentage of administrations due to those zip codes being partially or entirely comprised of commercial buildings. In certain public presentations of data, these zip codes are not highlighted.