New York State Pop-Up Vaccination Data


Note: This page was archived on 5/17/2023 with the end of the Public Health Emergency.

New York State is committed to ensuring all New Yorkers have access to COVID-19 vaccines. The State has established targeted pop-up vaccination sites in vulnerable and minority communities with the input of the NYS COVID-19 Vaccine Equity Task Force. This effort has broken down barriers to getting New Yorkers vaccinated and has allowed thousands to get the vaccine at trusted locations.

Community-based pop-up vaccination sites at religious sites, community centers, public housing complexes, and other local sites have been set up across the state. Pop-up locations are chosen based on a range of factors surrounding vaccine equity and fairness, including but not limited to the CDC Social Vulnerability Index (SVI).

Updates to this report will be published approximately monthly and include data through the designated “as of” date.

Pop-Up Events by Site Type
Pop-Up Events by County
Special Vaccination Campaigns and Efforts
This table shows how many pop-up events listed above were part of special vaccination campaigns and efforts.

Total doses administered represents the total number of vaccine shots administered to individuals, including first, second, and booster doses.

Houses of worship include churches, mosques, synagogues, and other places of worship.

Community centers and libraries include settings like the YMCA, adult centers, and zoos.

Public housing includes NYC Housing Authority and other local public housing agency-supported residential facilities.

Medical clinics include healthcare facilities and county health departments.

Schools/universities include public and private k-12 schools, SUNY, and CUNY.

Other includes fire stations, local retail hubs, and parks and recreational facilities.

#Vaxforkids Pop-ups
Governor Hochul launched a new #VaxForKids campaign to increase vaccination rates among children five and older – urging pediatricians, parents, and guardians to help children get vaccinated and keep up with all recommended COVID-19 vaccine doses.