New York State Pop-Up Vaccination Data


New York State is committed to ensuring all New Yorkers have access to COVID-19 vaccines. New York State has established targeted pop-up vaccination sites in vulnerable and minority communities with the input of the NYS COVID-19 Vaccine Equity Task Force. This effort has broken down barriers to getting vaccinated and has allowed thousands of New Yorkers to get the vaccine at trusted locations..

Nearly 350 community-based pop-up vaccination sites at religious sites, community centers, public housing complexes, and other local sites have been set up across the state.

The data below is updated weekly with the latest pop-up data.


This dashboard reflects doses administered through vaccination pop-ups at religious, community, public housing, and other local sites. A full list of completed vaccination pop-ups is available below.




Total doses administered represents the total number of vaccine shots, both first and second doses, administered to individuals.

People with at least one vaccine dose represents the total number of individuals who have received at least one dose of any COVID-19 vaccine.

People with completed vaccine series represents the total number of individuals who have completed the recommend series of a given COVID-19 vaccine product (e.g., 2 doses of the 2-dose Pfizer or Moderna vaccine; 1 dose of the single dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine).

Religious Sites include churches, mosques, temples, and other places of worship.

Community Sites include schools, community centers, senior centers, and parks and recreational facilities.

Public Housing include NYC Housing Authority and other local public housing agency supported residential facilities.

Other includes libraries, community health centers, and local retail hubs.