Hospital Staff Vaccinations

Hospital Staff Vaccinations

Over 450,000 New York hospital workers became eligible for vaccination under Phase 1A of New York’s COVID-19 vaccination program. Hospital worker vaccination progress is self-reported by individual hospital facilities weekly via the New York State Department of Health’s HERDS survey.



The deadline for the vaccine mandate for hospitals and nursing home staff has passed. The survey denominator does not include staff that have left the facility, and as more employees get vaccinated the rate will approach 100%

Find COVID-19 vaccination details for Hospitals as reported by the facilities.


Vaccine Metrics

Percentage of hospital workers with completed vaccine series is calculated from the number of hospital staff eligible for vaccination and the number completing the recommended series of a given COVID-19 vaccine product (e.g. 2 doses of the 2-dose Pfizer or Moderna vaccine or 1-dose of the 1-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine)

County is based on the location of hospital facilities

As of 4/28/2021, reporting on % of hospital workers with at least one dose was discontinued to streamline reporting on hospital workers vaccinations.