Daily Hospitalization Summary

Daily Hospitalization Summary by Region
  • New admissions and total hospitalization data come from the Health Electronic Response Data System (HERDS). Hospitals are required to complete this survey Monday – Friday and data reflects information reported by hospitals through the survey each day. These data include NYS resident and non-NYS resident hospitalizations.  
  • As of 10/13/23, HERDS no longer collects information on COVID patients admitted to the ICU while hospitalized. Historical COVID ICU totals are available via the Open Data hospitalizations file. 
  • Health care facilities pause COVID-19 data submission through HERDS during certain holidays. Therefore, the New COVID-19 Hospital Admissions chart will show no data for those dates. 
  • Population Data: From 2020 to 2023, state population estimates used the 2018 US Census Bridged Race Categories file. On March 4, 2024 population data was retroactively updated beginning July 1, 2023 to use 2022 estimates from the US Census Population and Housing Unit Estimates Program. Population data will be updated annually on July 1. This may result in disjunctions in trend lines on that date.